2006_04_todaylogo.jpgNBC will officially announce that Meredith Vieira will be the new Today Show co-anchor, filling Katie Couric's 7AM to somewhere in the 9-10AM area shoes, later this afternoon, though Vieira announced the move during The View this morning. Newsday's Verne Gay says that Meredith Vieira might be the most perfect replacement for Couric ever, which could be good or bad. But the biggest fun is asking people what they think of the move. Should Katie be on during the morning or at night? Will you watch her or will you just pay more attention to eating a healthier breakfast? Our second favorite reaction is from Andy Rooney: He told Don Imus that he isn't happy about Katie coming on board. Oh, Andy! Our most favorite reaction is when Sue Simmons joked during WNBC 11PM news that she was asked to be a Today Show anchor - it really got us thinking. (Fun fact, thanks to Toby at Random Observations: Matt Lauer was Simmons's co-anchor for the 5PM WNBC news broadcast.)