2004_08_wrong.jpgBlah blah Republican National Convention blah. Yes, Gothamist can't escape reading about the RNC either, and the thing is, it's actually all very interesting how a massive production like a convention actually takes place. Like how to entertain the delegates and viewing audience. The NY Times had a feature on the director of entertainment, Frank Breeden, who promises "the convention to be heavy with gospel, country and Broadway music, and with patriotic music." Speaking of Broadway, the Daily News' Howard Kissel examined the Broadway shows that Republican Convention delegates are seeing - basically, they are all fine, just big budget spectacles, and the "one gem" is Wonderful Town. This got Gothamist thinking about the Fringe Festival, which starts this Friday and goes through August 29. As a counterpoint to the expensive Broadway tickets (excellent buys, but sometimes the wallet has more flies than you like), the Fringe Festival offers a ton of different plays and musicals for your enjoyment for just $15, and we hear that this is the first year that all the venues are air-conditioned - woo-hoo! Go check it out.

Reader Tim N.'s play Wrong Barbarians opens this Friday in the Fringe Festival. Check the site for other dates. And a Fringer last year, blackout and all, Jonathan Van Gieson has a play, Man of Infinite Desire, running in Williamsburg - shows this Saturday and next Thursday.