In San Francisco, the Rebar collective took over a parking space on a San Francisco street and created a teeny little park, complete with park bench, for a spell! This is such a great idea, Gothamist would love to see it in NYC, but we wonder if it would work with alternate side of the street parking. Maybe some NYC artists need to build some sort of plexiglass shell of a car with some bench-like seating inside. If artists can create a mini-Gate on a mini-Island, we think this would be possible.

Update: Our friends at Transportation Alternatives reminded us they actually did a similar park-in in Williamsburg - free bike parking and places for kids to color! Now our only request is that this happen more often.

The NYC Alternate Side of the Street Parking Calendar for all of you drivers. And have you seen the snazzy pre-paid parking cards you can get for all municipal lots and muni-meters? Plus, Ask Gothamist on no parking signage.

[Via Inhabitat]