The Naked Cowboy is running for Mayor, so the NY Post is taking this time to delve deeper into the Times Square busker's life (whose first turn in the spotlight was posing as a prostitute on the Jerry Springer Show). There's just so much going on Behind the Underwear!

First off, he lives in a townhouse in Secaucus, New Jersey with his girlfriend and her kids, but will have to move to NYC if he's serious about this whole running the city thing. He spends his off hours just like the rest of us, recording the details of his life in a journal, using a form of shorthand he created, and reciting affirmations to himself like: "I have the No. 1 reality show in the world!!!"

He also claims to read a lot of Nietzsche (if you see him in the Square please feel free to quiz him on this), and swears he can wax philosophical and theological with the best of 'em. And since tossing his Stetson in the Mayoral race ring, the Thomas Aquinas of Times Square has been beefing up his worldly knowledge by watching Fox News and reading Bill O'Reilly's Culture Warrior. Oh and his to-do list also includes being bigger than the Pope and 1980s era Michael Jackson.

There's more! The Cowboy seems to have a touch of OCD, he spot-cleans the white walls in his house with a little paintbrush, and even cleans gas station bathrooms when he walks into a dirty one. He told the paper, "If you have an environment that looks chaotic and s- - -, it changes who you are." Wonder if those broken down lawn chairs in Times Square are messing with his Feng Shui.