Gothamist is pretty tired after staying up last night. So, in trying to make it through the day, we've come up with some things to keep in mind:
- The make-fun-of-NY-Times-weddings-announcements blog, Veiled Conceit
- America's Next Top Model - it's the perfect night for a drinking game!
- Claire Zulkey's suggestions
- The Onion, especially yesterday's article about the election
- Second season of SCTV on DVD
- Croxley's Wings Night tonight
- Being able to go to our favorite Meatpacking sandwich oasis, Paradou, saying "I voted," and getting a free glass of champange
- And, of course, seeing pandas via the San Diego Zoo Panda Cam or National Zoo Panda Cam...Gothamist will be watching lots of pandas for a long time to come

What are you doing to get yourself through the day? Drinking in front of some CNN? Commiserating with friends? Acting even more sullen and rude? Planning to protest the innauguration?