The line for Chris Brown is too damn long (via)

This is depressing. This morning Chris Brown performed on the Today show, where fans had been lined up and camped out for days to catch a glimpse of his performance. One man on Twitter noted, "They're comparing the line for Chris Brown's Today show appearance to a Harry Potter midnight screening." Except with Harry Potter everything is magical, and with Chris Brown everything seems to be abusive and homophobic.

Jim Bell of the Today show noted that the line was going a long way down 5th Avenue, and that it's happened before with Springsteen in 2007, Coldplay in 2008, and Lady Gaga last year. Never thought we'd say this, but we're gonna have to echo the sentiments of this librarian and lactation counselor from Ft. Lauderdale, who says: "18,000 of ya'll waited on line, some since Wednesday, to hear Chris Beatherdown Brown lip sync on the today show?"

Check out the performance below—spoiler: Roker sings along! (At press time there's no reports of broken windows at the Plaza).

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