2006_01_yorkieflickr.jpgThe young girl whose Yorkshire terrier was not returned to her by a family friend's girlfriend (the long story coming up) finally got the pooch back. The long story as short as possible: Family friend Ted Kohl gave Michele Klein a purebred Yorkie when she was diagnosed with skin cancer four years ago, and recently petsit while the Kleins were on a trip; however, Kohl was senteced to go to jail, so his girlfriend dogsat...and refused to return the dog - cut to a lawsuit from the Kleins' against the girlfriend. The Kleins' attorney let a judge know that the dog was returned - as well as the newspapers. And while the Klein family is happy Hershe the dog is back, Gothamist would imagine lawyers all around the city are happy that there will always be disputes like this where people want to litigate and are happy to be bill $200 an hour.

Photograph of Yorkie puppy from drgaryvet on Flickr