Last night's Project Runway Reunion special was so good: Montages, dirty looks, incomprehensible babbling, serious weight loss (thank you, John Wade - you look great!), and Tim Gunn! Some things we noticed, wondered about, and loved:

- Daniel Franco got fat and looks sorta like Robert Smith; and what's with his ugly Rolling Stones tongue jacket?
- The "Time elapsed" clock showing that Andrae's episode 2 (the Clothes Off Your Back challenge) freakout last just under 10 minutes. 10 minutes! (and Chloe cried while watching it!)
- The producers should totally come out with a DVD of contestants' singing
- Zulema, as annoying as she is, did look really good - and we loved how her former model Rachael said she would have walked better for Z if she made "bangin'" outfits
- Guadalupe being the only one to admit she loved Santino...and to be the only one who seemed totally cracked out when she was asked a question
- And Zulema's second personality, Shantangie? Not a surprise
- Marla still seems pathetic and Daniel's attempt to make her seem less pathetic actually made her seem more pathetic
- It would have been fun if Raymundo had stuck around longer - he seems totally fun
- When the final three came out, didn't it seem like people were clapping in that "Sarcastic Family" clapping sort of way?
- Michael Kors can be really bitchy (god bless montages) and who knew Nina Garcia was scared of Santino?

What did you think of the reunion special? We can't wait till next week's first part of the Olympus Fashion Show challenge - and why did they make Chloe cry? Gothamist will try to have our Project Jay post up later - it was a long night!