Sad news reverberated through the social media sphere today when Twitter announced that Vine, the video format perfect for capturing the strangeness of the online universe in six second loops, will be discontinued in a few months. During just three years of existence, Vine provided an essential tool for bloggers, vloggers, blooper junkies, meme mavens, and highly unlikable social media stars who used it to unlock their creativity and/or fart into the wind in small, succinct bursts of wonder and weirdness. Enjoy the limelight while it lasts, Snapchat. Your time is coming.

Anyone who has ever seen "Bowie At Home" knows what a monumental loss this is.

In honor of the passing of such a malleable, ADD-addled platform, outlets across the Internet are posting their favorite Vines (this is a classic of the genre). While they were doing that, I was being bombarded with Vines by my coworkers, which made me hysterically laugh even as the deluge of videos crashed my computer.

I never was a Vine fanatic like some, but it always seemed like a perfect medium to me, one that cut through the dead air "conversational" bullshit of so many other social media platforms (in the same spirit, I was a big fan of the Dadaist Yo app, which was one of the all-time genius dumb ideas). It was a medium that leant itself to all killer, no filler content—how many other platforms could reward joyous spontaneous dancing, capture the blink-and-you'll-miss-it wonder of live TV, and turn children into rap video stars? The fact that Vine brought us Conner O'Malley, my personal Vine hero, is enough to justify its existence.

Or how about Tish "Broom Broom" Simmonds, whose classic car Vine lives on forever on YouTube?

There's no way to really catalogue every great Vine ever made, let alone watch every Vine produced, but as with most Internet ephemera, the cream does seem to rise to the top. So with the help of my colleagues, you'll find some of our favorite Vines below. Happy scrolling.

Vine was a place where the goats took charge:

Where Costanza could have beautiful mornings forever:

Where sea otters could get their groove on:

Where babies could really feel it:

Where guys could be dudes:

Where you could see the weirdest episode of Law & Order: SVU:

Where you could get great ideas for phone rings:

Where Chris Christie would fall off his chair for eternity:

Where you could speak the truth about the Iraq War:

Where dogs could discuss the events of the day:

Where anyone could wear spoons on their eyes:

Where guitar solos just shredded more:

Where the party never ended:

There is a whole subgenre of Vines dedicated to people falling down in the background:

And here's a whole lot of other classics:

Not having "Duck Army" is like leaving The Beatles off of a greatest bands of all time list:

Now we'll never know if this woman ever got her part from Apple: