Apparently, someone decided to test Gothamist's will today by making sure our server would be seriously screwed for a good chunk of the afternoon.* Luckily, it gave us time to make up our Christmas list. Even though it's on in syndication on local affiliates as well as TBS at least three times a day, the Seinfeld DVDs are high on the list. And the special DVD pack comes with salt and pepper shakers - it's like Castle Rock knew we had them already but knew we'd like anything halfway gimmicky! Yet since we're pretty sure Gothamist is on the "naughty" list (we curse like a sailor, for starters), the Seinfeld DVDs are also safely on our Netflix queue.

Stanthecaddy.com is actually the most comprehensive Seinfeld blog we know. Michael Richards's NPR interview about the Seinfeld DVD.
Sony Pictures's Seinfeld site.

* Thanks for your patience this afternoon. Sometimes the Internets are very, very good and sometimes the Internets are very, very bad.