Things have been rough since Netflix stripped me of the ability to forget the ills of the world by retreating to Dillon, Texas, so thank God the Bronx Zoo has a new, fluffy GHOST CAT. She is a baby snow leopard, she is adorable, and I am in love.

Snow leopards, whose cubs are sometimes called Ghost Cats because they are so ghostly gray, are native to the mountain ranges in Central and South Asia. The zoo's new cub is a descendent of Leo the Snow Leopard, who was famously rescued from northern Pakistan in 2005 shortly after he was orphaned when he was young. (Leo still lives at the Zoo). The zoo has seen over 70 snow leopard births, including these now-grown cubs who were born way back in 2014.

The new little nugget, who does not yet have a name, was born over the summer to snow leopard parents K2 and Naltar, and lives at the Bronx Zoo's Himalayan Highlands exhibit with her mom. According to photos and video released by the zoo, she enjoys climbing rocks and branches, sticking out her tongue, and looking pensive.

Unfortunately, the zoo neglected to provide a photo of her ripping her prey to shreds, but presumably that is also an activity she enjoys. As do we all.