(HTO Architects)

The iconic graffiti-coated 5Pointz building in Queens was painted white last November, and demolition should be starting any day now. But what will take its place? A pair of tall bland residential buildings. Not much to look at when you pass by on the 7 train.

5Pointz (Tom Giebel's Flickr). New development. (HTO Architects)

According to NY Yimby, "Both towers will feature beige stone (a mix of pre-cast and traditional) with glassy corners fronting on Crane Street... They’ll each be topped by glass crowns containing penthouse apartments and mechanical space." But before you go hating again, remember that some of the 1,000 units housed in these buildings will be affordable housing units, and developers will not include a controversial poor door. [NY Yimby via Curbed]