You know those people who live like it's the olden times? No, not the Amish. Those walking Etsy shops who pretend it's Victorian times and make very bold declarations that they do everything as it was done in Victorian times, and yet still somehow show up on ABC News riding their 19th century bicycles in a corset. Do you think those people ever live in NYC? Because if they do, there are some fantastic apartments available with Victorian-style fixings built right in.

328 East 6th Street, Apt 13

These apartments (which appear to have been through a nice renovation job recently) have gorgeous old claw foot bathtubs right there in the kitchen area, in unnecessarily close proximity to your cherry pitter and pastry jigger. Streeteasy is calling the kitchen-tub a "tubchen" now, btw (pause for sigh). Bonus: there's no elevator in the walk-up buildings, just like Victorian times.

328 East 6th Street, Apt 12

Rent on these two spots are $1800 and $1900/month, with the more expensive one also featuring a "tuberculosis window." [via EV Grieve]