Leland Bobbé is the latest to share his terrific collection of photographs with us, all shot in New York in the 1970s. Bobbé, who was a cab driver and musician back in the day, told us about his habit of shooting the streets back then:

"During the mid-1970's I lived below Chinatown in what used to be the Fulton Fish Market. I used to ride my bicycle up The Bowery and although at the time photography was just a hobby for me I began to shoot what I saw on the streets. Besides The Bowery I also was fascinated with the old Times Square which was filled with hookers and pimps hanging out in broad daylight. I was driving a cab at this time in support of my first career which was a rock'n roll musician, so I had direct access to many different neighborhoods. Whenever I went out I had a camera with me so i was always prepared."

Please feel free to share your own photos from another era of NYC with us!