Every once in awhile, the real estate agents here at Gothamist.com come across an apartment deal so great, so wonderfully New York, we need to bring it to our readers' attentions immediately. Whether it is a tiny foldable apartment, a $2,500/month couch in Fort Greene, or a classic kitchen shower, Gothamist only has your best interests in mind. And sometimes an apartment is such a steal, it is imperative you get a foot in the door right away, regardless of whether it has been rented out already, is probably illegal, or is completely uninhabitable by normal humans.

This is one of those times:

The apartment was listed earlier this week on StreetEasy as being located inside 114 West 71st Street on the Upper West Side. It was going for $1,375/month for 140 ft, which is big enough for a bunk bed, but not big enough for a regular-sized fridge. Kitchens are for kings! You can just stack your mini-fridge on your upper bunk, as whoever took the photo above so helpfully illustrated.

As Digg wrote, some might look at this as an example of NYC's incredibly out-of-whack real estate market. But we beg to differ: NYC's real estate market is so robust, this listing was apparently snagged less than a day after the tweet above went out. (StreetEasy writes today: "This unit is not currently listed on StreetEasy.")

A NYC real estate manager who works in the area noted the listing may indeed have been rented...or it may have been taken down because "it's most likely an illegal residential unit. NYC DOB zoning codes usually say how much minimum square footage is allowed for each area, plus generally you need at least one window." This apartment advertises 140-square-feet (a mansion compared to this 90-square-footer).

In other words... it might be back on the market soon! Better bookmark that page!

NOTE: By the time we went to publish this, we noticed that the original listing for the apartment had its photos changed entirely to a completely different apartment (one with a kitchen and a window). However, this separate (older) listing seems to be the original, window-less apartment (albeit with slightly better photos, but the same tiny cramped space). All of which is to say: there is something shady going on with this building... and you better get your application in ASAP if you want to live there!!!!