Typically around this time of year, we'd be enjoying a weekly roll-out of new Mad Men episodes, but the show ended its run last May with a Coke and a smile, and TV time hasn't been the same ever since. Throughout its 7.5 seasons, the show accumulated a ton of props—mostly historically accurate—and some of those will now be available for purchase. The latest batch hitting the auction block is smaller than last year's, but includes that filing box that Peggy carries into the McCann Erickson offices like a real badass:

(Strut, smirk, and overall perfect attitude not included.)

You'll also find Don Draper's 1964 Chrysler Imperial, Peggy's typewriter, the sheets that were on the bed when Don had a threesome, Sally's Kodak Instamatic Camera, Joan's ice bucket, Trudy's A&P bag filled with groceries, Stan's notepad, and more. View all of the items here before bidding begins on June 1st.