We survived Siren for another year. Though we did spot a...shipwreck? The weather wasn't as hot as expected, the crowds seemed a bit thin, at least during the first half of the show, and the sound was, as usual, not too great (so much bass!). But overall we had a great time at Siren this year (though nothing will ever really beat the year we met the Gibbard).

There aren't that many videos on YouTube yet, but check out a few funny ones after the jump (along with more of our photos). RySpace may have some mp3's up later from the show, and for now, we've got photos and songs below.


Formed a Band/My Sharona remix.mp3 - Art Brut
(possibly the worst remix ever, but we couldn't find another mp3)


Evil Friend.mp3 - Deadboy and the Elephantmen


Cowbell.mp3 - Tapes n' Tapes


Baby Don't Sweat.mp3 - The Cribs


Filty/Goregeous (REAL/WMV) - Scissor Sisters photo via ManyHighways.com

See more Siren photos here. And now to the video...

A fan shows Jasper from Art Brut a secret handshake.

Random scenes from Siren, including some dancing and inconspicuous pot smoking.