The only SFW photo from the Skin party website

Feeling unfulfilled after a Pop Burger dinner? Well if you're at the East 58th Street location just head upstairs to Pop Lounge, where you'll be able to sink your teeth into a much more sinful scene. Urban Daddy (of course) points us to a swingers party, which you'll find after crossing over a small, purple, velvet rope next to the Pop Burger storefront. Sadly, this one doesn't offer up a buffet—they describe the scene:

And if you must, know that up the two dark flights of stairs and in the attic of this establishment is a party. Salacious in nature. Couples. Meeting couples. An Eyes Wide Shut affair. With a bar-side body-painting professional, a banquette-ringed “dance” floor and a pole. Of course, for those with low inhibitions and a high tolerance for pleather, there’s a discreet, seductive, red-light annex in the back called the Playroom.

A few years ago a Brooklyn swingers club got shut down after the NY Times wrote about it and "three undercover inspectors investigating Club Casbar observed more than 150 incidents of prohibited sexual activity." According to The Man: "No establishment shall make facilities available for the purpose of sexual activities in which... high risk sexual activity takes place." Does that include whatever is happening in these photos? Oh well, everything must come to an end.