The Plaza hotel, in all its French Renaissance château-style glory, opened in 1907, and since then has become a National Historic Landmark. The Beatles stayed there, Truman Capote hosted his Black & White Ball in its Grand Ballroom... so of course the next logical move is to get Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino on board as some sort of face for the iconic building.

No. That is the next logical move for the rent-by-the-hour hotel rooms you might pass in the middle of nowhere, or maybe for a Mustang Ranch type establishment... but not for the Plaza Hotel! It is allegedly what the powers-that-be are aiming to do, however. According to the NY Post, "The Situation is in talks to become a partner and the face of a luxury gym at the Plaza Hotel—and offer personal ab workouts to its posh clientele." For his part, he would create a workout program, and occasionally teach ab classes. Eloise would disapprove!