Roosevelt Island's rainbow pool is back, with a brand new paint job serving up a stark contrast to the adjacent Manhattan skyline. Looking a bit different from last year's, which was created by artist HOT TEA, this year's design (titled "Block Party") comes from Andrew Faris... and you can bask in its radiance for a price.

Day passes for the Manhattan Park Pool Club are $35 during the week and $50 on the weekend, though there's also a season pass option that will cost you $700 (per person). The pool is the main attraction here, so aside from the shower facilities don't expect much else for that price.

Barak Pliskin of Pliskin Architecture, who are involved in the project along with Roosevelt Island Associates, told us this morning that it "uses a bright array of colors similar to those used last year, while reimagining the pool deck in a style that is unique to Andrew’s work. Not counting several rain delays, the mural took 10 days to complete and over 60 gallons of paint."

Grab a rainbow bagel and rainbow latte and get a lot of "likes" on your Instagram.