While the new CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls is not aiming for a hyper realistic look at Brooklyn scenery, they may have gotten something right. You guys, there are poor women living in Brooklyn!

According to the NY Post, the hottest hipster trend in Williamsburg this season is the abundance of young white women working in restaurants—just like on TV! It's hard out there for these ladies, who have to juggle all of the expenses that normal, rich New Yorkers manage to cover, while shrugging off rude, plaid-wearing customers who demand to split their checks. The horror!

"Being a waitress means biking to and from work to save money on subway rides and deferring my student loan payments. I try to take advantage of happy hours and [online coupons] as much as possible. It can be challenging sometimes, especially when building a little bit of savings isn’t really possible."

Finally, the voices of the underprivileged in Brooklyn are heard! These girls have to use Groupons in order to afford sushi and yoga classes! 2 Broke Girls creators Michael Patrick King (who blew the lid off dating when he created Sex and the City) and Whitney Cummings should probably get an honorary Emmy for their humanitarian efforts.