Ah, to have a coyote on the loose in Central Park is to hit the local news that makes you smile jackpot. Hal, the coyote that created chaos for a few days by running around the park looking like a hyena or a wolf, was captured around 10AM yesterday, to an audience of NYPD, Parks officials, animal control, and the press.

If you missed it, check out this WNBC 4 video of the coyote's capture. It's totally crazy - that poor coyote was cornered by tons of crazy humans carrying either microphones, cameras, or tranquilizer guns! But he did seem to give his fans/captors a workout - it seems that to be a reporter covering this story, you needed to cross-train. The NY Times pictures of a drugged up Hal in a truck but we have to tip our hat to AM New York for asking if there are more coyotes in NYC - their graphics are above. (The Times also has video; Gothamist could - and probably will - watch it all day.)

More photos of Hal from WABC. And, when the Mayor was asked if the coyote would be a danger to the citizens of New York, he said, "This is New York, and I would suggest that the coyote may have more problems than the rest of us."