Here's a Kickstarter we can get behind (ahem, Grilled Cheesus): a Brooklyn-based woman named Katie O’Beirne has been leaving disposable cameras around the city's parks, often attached to park benches with twine, saying, "I leave cameras in parks for roughly 2-3 hours, depending on how busy the park is. Sometimes, my roll is completely shot within one hour." She's actually been doing this for a short while—updating her Tumblr with the images—but just launched the fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to allow her to expand the project, and have an art show. She wrote on her project's page:

The results are incredible. What I've noticed about the subjects in the photos is that they look HAPPY, interested, and excited to participate. This is so rewarding to me. 27 shots-worth, of complete strangers all sharing a common theme on film: They're ENJOYING THEMSELVES!

Click through for some of the shots that have resulted from this project (taken in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Strawberry Fields, and even Zuccotti), and donate if you want to see more, more, more!