Recently Queens venue Silent Barn was trashed, and seemingly saved by a Kickstarter campaign... and now its Brooklyn's turn to suffer a blow to the scene. Rumors have been flying around recently that Williamsburg's Monster Island would be demolished and reincarnated as a Whole Foods, and while there's no proof in the grocer taking over the space, it will be coming down this year.

Later this year Monster Island, Secret Project Robot, Mollusk Surf Shop, and a number of Todd P rehearsal spaces that have been in the neighborhood for quite some time, will all be evicted. According to their Kickstarter campaign, their expiration date is in October, with demolition beginning in November. The group involved in the spaces writes:

"Over the last 7 years we have always thrown an annual Block Party where we invite the entire neighborhood in to listen to live bands on the street, tour the building and host 2 giant art installations; as that this is our last block party ever (the building is slated for demolition in November), we'd like your help.

This year's block party will entail over 12 live music performances from building bands... It will host 2 art installations... It will also host open studios, an all day BBQ, DJ's, a video installation in the basement and live music in several practice spaces. We plan to make a memorabilia T-Shirt, poster and tote bag of Monster Island so that our community will have something tangible to remember us by."

We'll have more on this story later this week, as it becomes more clear what is happening to the empty space the demolition will leave behind.