Gothamist can always get a sense of what shows are crash & burning and which are just plain sizzling by an occasional perusal of the theater tickets for sale/wanted listings on the oh mighty list o Craig. A browse today tells us the following:

Billy Crystal is gonna make a killing on his new solo show 700 Sundays. The reviews kicked butt, and here is someone selling a pair for $500 bucks. Ouch, that's steep. Whoopi Goldberg, on the other hand, isn't packing them in near as much. Here's some tix to Whoopi for a mere $60 bucks a pop.

Off Broadway, there's a lot of hot tickets, with the likes of Jeremy Piven and Sam Shepard trodding the boards. Here are some Craig's Listers desperate to see them, respectively, in Fat Pig and A Number.

And there are scads of ads for Wicked. Here's a pair for e mere $450 smackers. Cue music: "There's a sucker born every minute." Yeah, Wicked is a fun, entertaining show, but c'mon? Don't people have rent to pay?

There's bargains to be had too if you do a bit of browsing on the site. We notice some really good last minute deals sometimes, though this week is tricky that way, as all of the holiday tourists are clammering for tickets. But check it out - it's a great resource for bargain hunters as well as cash cows.

And please note - we don't advocate scalping, but hey, we give 'em some credit for exhibiting the spirit of free enterprise!