What kind of show are you in the mood for this week? New York is probably the only city in the country where you have more options for different kinds of live theatrical productions than for movies. Whatever you’re feeling, there’s probably a show for you, something that’ll either keep you energized or give you a pleasantly confused buzz or shake you out of your pity party. When you’re deciding what to see, consider some of these options…and if your mood isn't covered here, well, Gothamist thinks you'll like them anyway. So...

2005_04_arts_keanu.bmpIf you’re in the mood for a good laugh: Try Keanu Reeves Saves the Universe. Even the title makes Gothamist crack up, though it’s not technically about the star of The Matrix (or, if you prefer, of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure). It’s a parody that mashes together an unholy alliance of sci-fi and comedy movies, from the Marx Brothers to Star Trek to South Park. Just see if you can get through the show without laughing. C’mon, it’s a dare.

2005_04_arts_sisters.bmpIf you need to get your mind off something: Any good theater should help you with that anyway. But in Sisters, Such Devoted Sisters, part of the Brits Off Broadway festival, Russell Barr performs a remarkable stream-of-consciousness monologue that sucks the audience into the strange world of a Glasgow transvestite. As Bernice Hindlay, denizen of the demi-monde, he pulls no punches, and delivers a viciously funny, fast-paced sizzle of a show.

2005_04_artstheater.jpgIf you’re having relationship issues: Sure, you could see Orgasms The Play or Incredible Sex or something straightforward like that. But Gothamist recommends taking a more subtle route instead: go to Mushroom in her Hands, a new play by Anne Phelan that promises it will expose the dark, sexy stuff beneath the child-friendly surface of Alice in Wonderland. Specifically, it imagines the relationship between Lewis Carroll and his muse, little Alice Liddell, also bringing to life some of the creations from the book. If you think your relationship’s problems are rough, wait ’til you see what goes on here.

2005_04_arts_ellenstewart.bmpIf you’re feeling stupid after a week of mind-numbing work: Pretend you’re reading the classics in college again and see Ellen Stewart's Perseus. Stewart, who founded La MaMa Etc. in 1962, has adapted the Greek myth of the demi-god who killed Medusa and whose children with Andromeda were said to be the first Persians. This is the latest premiere from Stewart, who is known for her wondrous productions of these sorts of ancient tales, and if it holds up to past standards it will get even the nearly comatose to sit up and pay attention again.

Details: Keanu Reeves… is playing through May 20 at the Red Room, 85 E. 4th St. Fridays at 10:30pm.
Sisters… is playing through May 15 at 59E59 Theater, 59 E. 59th St. Tues.-Fri. at 8:30, Sat. at 5:30 and 9:30, Sun. at 7:30.
Mushroom in her Hands is playing through May 15 at the Sande Shurin Theater, 311 W. 43rd St., 6th Floor. Thurs-Sat. at 8 (except this Saturday, when it’s at 3), Sun. at 3
Perseus is playing through May 15 at La MaMa, 74A E. 4th St. Thurs-Sun. at 7:30, Sun. at 3