Today, the AP reported that 30 pandas were born in China in 2006, making it a record year for the number of pandas born in captivity. And we do love the CNN headline for the story, "Baby pandas! Baby pandas! Baby pandas!" because it says it all and so much more.

Just last month, Australia's The Age reported:

At Wolong, the biggest of several conservation centres, 19 cubs have been born. This has led to overcrowding - once thought unimaginable. The nursery has insufficient incubators for all the babies. In the pen for one-year-olds, 10 pandas jostle playfully for position on the best branches. Staff say the crowding is not yet a problem, but a new centre is being built nearby to house the further expansion expected. "I think I can say the giant panda's safe," said Mr Zhang. "We have a 10-year plan for the captive-bred panda population to reach 300, which will be enough to guarantee the species' survival for 100 years."

With so many pandas, why not bring a pair to the Big Apple? We still would really like some panda action in NYC, even if they are expensive. Pandas are only somewhat more pricey than an apartment in Manhattan - hell, we'd settle for a visiting panda program. And if we can't get a panda, can we at least get a manatee?

Two panda videos for you: Reuters video of the panda reserve and a news segment about the baby pandas complete with baby panda on rocking horse. And remember the Science of Cute article from the Times last year? Remember, a baby panda is cuter than Baby Shiloh Jolie-Pitt any day.

On the left, still from MSNBC; on the right, photograph of Atlanta panda cub Mei Lan, whose name means "Cuter than anything your brain can absorb" or "Atlanta Beauty"