The way we see at it, 2004 has been a fantastic year for Gothamist. As our readership has grown, it's enabled us to welcome more people to the Gothamist fold as we added a number of great new sections: Weather! Advice! Food! Arts & Events! Sports! - all in addition to our usual mix of posts and interviews. We had happy hours and our first concert event as well. And Gothamist got to expand our brand of city-centric blogging to other cities. So, we thank you for all of your support, whether in comments, email, tips, links, or just reading, in encouraging us to keep at it.

Since it's hard for us to narrow down a list of 2004's interesting things (Republican National Convention, Mayor Bloomberg's noise ban, the subway's 100th anniversary and its possible photo ban, more suicides and crime at NYU, West Side Stadium, the indie music scene, anything Law & Order, the ever-growing Brooklyn food scene, the damn Yankees, the Highline's future), instead we invite you to take another look at our different sections and archives and get excited about the year ahead.

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And Happy New Year to you and your new and old acquaintances.

Photograph from the Elephant Walk