The Rising Tide in Williamsburg

Adding to the mix of venues and restaurants in the neighborhood, a new (gorgeous) space combining space focused on food has opened in Williamsburg. The Rising Tide is a new culinary and events loft that was built over the summer and is now open to the public. This is the same space that will soon be seen on IFC's Dinner with the Band (starring chef Sam Mason). "The Rising Tide is a unique production and events studio, located in a two story loft in Brooklyn." Measuring in at twelve-hundred square feet, if you aren't looking to film a show (because, you probably aren't), it can even host dinner parties for up to forty people.

If alcohol and food trucks are more your thing, the Village Voice reports back from The Woods (brought to you by the owner of Savalas); it just opened up in the neighborhood (48 South 4th Street), following a year of construction and red tape. The bar has no sign, so keep your eyes peeled; once inside, it boasts "a long bar with plenty of space, some casual lounge-type seating, a small stage and DJ setup, and a huge backyard lit by strings of bulbs. Most impressive is the Metropolitan Ave. taco truck they managed to relocate out back to serve up $2 tacos."