Gopher on 26th Street; Photo: Matthew V.

Spotted by reader Matthew, because he knows we're fond of animals in the city: A gopher hanging out at a construction site, around 26th Street and 11th Avenue, which is very near the Martha Stewart Omnimedia offices (in the Starrett Lehigh building*). Gothamist can only suspect he was sent there by the enquiring minds at the Post or Dominick Dunne, to report on local color (like Gopher Stalker). Or perhaps he wanted in on the developing neighborhood before the Jets move in. Either way, Gothamist is calling him (her?) Terry (yes, like terra firma - our imagination only goes so far).

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* Someone pointed out the major typo for this post: Calling it the Starrett-Leigh building, instead of the correct Starrett-Lehigh (we also mispelled MSO as "Ominimedia" but you probably figured that out, and besides, "omini" is more fun to say). We also hear that Martha would drive home the correct spelling of the building by writing STARRETT-LEHIGH in capital letters. God bless good spelling.