So The Village was number one at the box office this weekend (box office nerd fact: on the same weekend two years ago, Signs made $60 million). What Gothamist took most comfort in were all the stories or references to "village idiot," from Michael Agger's examination of M. Night Shyamalan's directing style on Slate (Agger's verdict: M. Night ain't all that) to Adrien Brody's actual character in the film, because the Village Idiot (the bar) closed this past Saturday. Many a good time was had, as well as many a vomitous time - farewell, Village Idiot.

Was The Village all it was cracked up to be? And what about the twist? Slate's David Edelstein and the NY Times's A.O. Scott mention that the twist is obvious, yet most moviegoers would reject it. And who knew that movie premieres in Brooklyn existed?

Also, the Post gives NYers a list of "bawdy bars" still operating, like The Patriot (owned by same owners as the Village Idiot) on Chambers Street in TriBeCa - and they have sliders besides scantily clad bartendresses - and Hogs & Heifers in the Meat Packing District.