2005_11_artschengwin.jpgChengwin is exactly what it sounds like, a creature that is half penguin, half chicken. Less obvious are the motives behind Chengwin’s public displays of theatrics when he takes to the streets of New York City to create scenes. He has been known to race his arch-nemesis Chunk (half chicken- half skunk) in a quarter mile marathon and has tried to break up Chunk’s public wedding ceremony, all while thousands of spectators participate in the pageantry. The video release and screening party for the latest Chengwin video, Homecoming 2004: The Chengwins vs. The Chunks is tomorrow night and will be a spectacle in itself, with an appearance by Chabio (yes, half-chicken, half…Fabio), 2 DJ’s, drinks and book-signings. The party starts at 8pm Thursday, November 10th at North Six in Williamsburg, admission is $5 which goes to help fund the next Chengwin event which will occur on a snowy winter day in 2006.

Sara Schaefer ends her obsessions on Friday with the final installment of Sara Schaefer is Obsessed with You, her last show after two years. Say so long to her honest interviews where she towed the line as both hostess and straight-up fan of all of her guests, and an especially fond farewell to the opportunity we all had to meet so very many extras on Law and Order. SSIOWY – Juvie Hall [24 Bond St.] Friday at 8pm. $8. Guests TBA.

Gothamist has always hoped the faux- lesbian feminist humor niche would be better represented. Who doesn't? Thanks to Sue Galloway and Julie Klausner, womyn get their due at least for the month of November when the pair shatters cultural stereotypes with their show Betty and Joan: Free To Be Friends. It runs at the UCB [307 w. 26th St.] on Monday nights and features some hilarious political songs, a message from Gloria Steinem and good old Mod Podge, the thinking person’s Podge. Mondays in November at 8pm. $5

Chicks and Giggles is also a comedy show dominated by women, though we imagine they are a little softer in their politics and hairstyles than Betty and Joan. Every Tuesday the line-up of female stand up comics changes and next week (11/15) includes Amanda Melson, Becky Donahue and Bex Schwartz. Mo Pitkins House of Satisfaction [34 Ave. A] Tuesdays at 7:30pm. Free.