To the dismay of those who enjoy a throwdown between architects, it seems like WTC redesign master planner Daniel Libeskindwon't be locked in a battle of the wills with architect Santiago Calatrava who is designing the new PATH station at the WTC site. Libeskind reportedly "loves" the changes Calatrava's has had to make to Libeskind's "Wedge of Light," even though Libeskind's wife/watchdog Nina initially objected. Blah blah, Calatrava's designs don't fundamentally change the Wedge concept. Gothamist is more distracted by whether there could be than "Wedge of Light." We're too tempted to call it a "wedgie," but Libeskind probably didn't like the punny "Slice of Light."

The WTC redesign, complete with Freedom Tower, after much fuss.

Gothamist has "Master of the House" stuck in our heads when we think about Daniel Libeskind, Master Planner.