2004_12_shopcatspitacozy.jpgIt’s about that time. Time to prepare ourselves for winter and the holiday shopping season. For the onslaught of plastered-smiles when receiving Aunt Edna’s requisite puffy kitten sweater. Time to recover last years earmuffs, pashminas and ask ourselves whether it’s legal to break out the Uggs for one more, overplayed season. But how can we spread the holiday cheer to our most necessary NY possession? The one thing that makes Gothamist’s morning commute bearable and keeps us company on the late night stumbles home? How do we protect our precious iPods from the elements? For this, we turn to re-constructionist extraordinaire, Catherine's Pita where you can find handmade, cheeky cozies for just about any alter ego you can conjure up for your iPod. And if you’re in need of something even more specialized than Catherine’s Pita has already created, Gothamist has been told she can even fashion custom cozies. If you ask nicely enough.
Once you’ve found the cozy your iPod has always dreamed of, take a look at Catherine’s Pita’s deconstructed and reconstructed t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and (we think) the Next Big Thing, “over 21” cuff bracelets. Gothamist thinks you could have your whole Christmukah list taken care of in one shot. And you’ll be a whole lot more popular than your Aunt Edna.

[If you have a NY-centric designer, shop, product, etc to suggest for review please email Jenna, writer of this new column called: Licking the Windows. Which we feel the need to tell you is Paris' equivalent term to "window shopping".]