Spend Christmas with Rufus and Martha Wainwright as The Wainwright Family celebrates Christmas a little early at Carnegie Hall (on December 13th).

The show is based around "The McGarrigle Christmas Hour", which took place in December 2005 with their mother Kate McGarrigle and aunt Anna McGarrigle. That evening featured traditional and contemporary holiday songs. The same show was touring this year, but due to an illness it has been cancelled, the Carnegie Hall show will go on in this new incarnation.

Who will the Wainwrights be inviting up on stage with them? How about: David Byrne, Jimmy Fallon, Teddy and Linda Thompson...not so shabby. Jimmy Fallon's all over the music scene lately (maybe trying to one up David Cross).

Above is a clip of Rufus Wainwright talking about the real importance of the holidays and singin' a little Christmas tune. And maybe The McGarrigle Christmas Hour cd should be on this list.