Original photo via NYC♥NYC on Flickr

On Tuesday morning, 22-year-old Taylor Galary (an SVA student!) roundhouse kicked and decapitated one of the sheep in Times Square that are part of a public art project. She was arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief... something she seems to be quite proud of!

Galary (pictured) wrote on her Facebook page: "HIDE YO SHEEP HIDE YO LAMB." One of her possible accomplices commented on her attempt to flee the scene after committing the crime, saying, "Who'd have thought it was easier to make an escape on the subway than a cab... plus i lost a shoe!!"

Artist Kyu Seok Oh has already repaired the sheep, and told DNA Info that "this is not a museum—this is Times Square," though he noted: "I prefer people enjoying the sheep—hugging, touching."

We've contacted the Times Square Alliance for their thoughts on the vandalism, and President Tim Tompkins told us, “We have taken appropriate actions and have hired Little Bo Peep to provide security.”