New York's newest Apple Store, at West 67th and Broadway, is officially opening up its doors this Saturday at 10 a.m. (we're told they will be giving out t-shirts). We're about to head inside for a special sneak peek, and will be updating with more images over the course of the day. First impression: that's a lot of glass! And the roof is glass, too. And this is their fourth glass staircase.

  • SIZE: We're told by Apple's Ron Johnson that the company opens one International store in a new country a year. In 2010 there will be stores opening in London, Paris and two stores in Shanghai. They say their stores are too small based on what they've learned over the years, so in 2010 they'll be making them bigger.

    As for the size of this one, we're told eleven of the 5th Avenue cubes fit on the ground floor here. 45-foot tall marble walls carry their first ever glass roof, and light changes as sun moves and with seasons, creating unique experiences. This is the largest single floor of Apple products in anywhere in the world.

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: 100 customers can be served at the same time. The store will be opened from 9 to 9 every day. Every employee can check you out now via an iPod Touch.

  • EVENTS: There will be events at this store, with a focus on arts and kids, with free workshops mostly aimed at the under 25 set.

  • EXTRAS: 10,000 people applied for jobs at the store; 2500 interviewed; 220 hired.

This is the last store in Manhattan for a while, and when asked about a Brooklyn shop, they said: "Stay tuned..."