The US vs John Lennon hits theaters tomorrow (click link to view trailer). This will be one of those films we see within a week of it opening - even though it's sure to deliver more of what we've already seen in random clips and documentaries over the years.

Since John Lennon and Yoko Ono documented much of their daily life, there is plenty of footage - and Lennon becomes the narrator of his own story. MSNBC says we get a "softened perspective on the musician-turned-activist-turned-icon" with this film, while Ono says this is an accurate portrait of her late husband.

Covering 1966 through 1976, the film also serves as a snapshot of the nation during those years, and we're guessing shows how many of the issues Lennon was vocalizing and Americans were struggling with remain relevant today.

Lennon and Ono are holding their "War Is Over! If You Want It" signs above. The couple paid to have this message displayed on billboards in Times Square during the Christmas season of 1969. The two signs were on the South East corner of Seventh Avenue and 43rd Street on Times Square. Ono recreated the billboard in 1998/99.