unknown3.jpgOne of the most exciting film talents working in China today, director Jia Zhangke gets a mini-retrospective this weekend at Anthology Film Archives that's definitely worth checking out. His five films -- Xiao Wu, The Pickpocket, Platform, Unknown Pleasures and The World which are all playing at various times this weekend -- deal extremely honestly with young people and modern life -- something New York movie goers can identify with even thousands of miles away from Jia's locales. Critic Kent Jones in Film Comment says, "Better than any other filmmaker around, [Jia] understands their close and intense relationships to fashion, and the way pop culture makes them feel both a part of the world and very far from it at the same time. [His] films are too good, too exciting, and too uncannily on the money to be denied their rightful status as supreme expressions of the way many of us live: media-addicted, resigned to momentous change and powerless to understand or affect it."

The World of Jia Zhangke // Anthology Film Archives // 32 Second Avenue // $8 general, $5 students

Film still from Unknown Pleasures, 2002