The New York Times seems like a great place to work. Like, say you're a senior analyst in the corporate planning department in the NYT Company - you could be writing an article about the trials of celebrating New Year's with a date in New York City the way The New York Times Company corporate planning senior analyst Nancy Rosen did. The article does hit some true points about how New Year's in NYC is totally overblown and people freak out about getting a date. While there are older references for glamorizing New Year's in NYC, Gothamist will blame Rob Reiner and Nora Ephron, because it's that New Year's scene at the end of When Harry Met Sally that makes it seem like all romantic things must happen on New Year's or else. For Gothamist's money, we'll just enjoy the champagne and merriment where we can find it and just look forward to the New Year's that counts: February 9, Chinese New Year, where food and money come into play.

The NY Road Runners Club has its annual Midnight Run in Central Park with costumes, DJ and dancing - you can party AND work on a New Year's resolution of getting more exercise. And there are many different kinds of New Year's celebrated. And how are you spending New Year's? (If you're still looking for ideas, check out NYCNYE, a NYC New Year's Eve guide.)