2006_02_arts_trl.jpgYou know those screaming kids who stand outside of 1515 Broadway in Times Square when they should really be in school? They have signs declaring their love for someone we've never heard of and their high pitched shrills are often heard below 14th. They are there because of MTV's TRL (Total Request Live), today's version of what we used to call the Top 5 at 5 (when we actually had to call in to place our vote, because there was no texting or online voting yet).

Well, tomorrow the 4th Annual TRL Awards are taking place...and guess who got invited? We'll be the one's wearing earplugs and asking Stephen from Laguna Beach some hard hitting questions. Want to know who else will be there?: Mariah Carey, Ashlee Simpson, Chris Brown, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Ne Yo and Amanda Bynes.

So make a sign for one of them and bring your outdoor voices so you can scream for the red carpet arrivals at 1:30pm. Seriously, we'd like to see some people our own age out there. And by all means, let us know if you have any questions we should ask out on the red carpet...

[Photo from jblanton's Flickr account. More TRL photos at Flickr]