While commuting to work on the C train every morning, I typically listen to a revolving playlist of punk songs that I cherished during my teens and early twenties. While these songs undoubtedly still rip, you could conceivably call this daily ritual of mine a "Nostalgia Train."

On Thursday, the Transit Museum is once again dispatching their famed Nostalgia Train, a vintage car from 1917, to Yankee Stadium in celebration of the team's annual home opening game. These IRT Lo-V train cars were in service until the 1960s, and feature the likes of ceiling fans and old-timey advertisements inside the cars. These particular trains were deployed throughout the city by the Interborough Rapid Transit, which operated until the city took over transit operations in 1940.

The Nostalgia Train departs from the 4 train platform at Grand Central-42nd Street around 11 a.m. on Thursday, and will run express to the Bronx. If you don't manage to squeeze your way onto this week's Nostalgia Train, you can, like me, live vicariously through this video taken aboard a Lo-V several years ago while listening to Bad Brains.

More details on the Yankee Stadium ride can be found here.

Correction: This post has been corrected to note that the train is running on Thursday, March 28, for the home opener and not Wednesday..