It's been rumored for awhile now, but it seems NBC might finally be ready to let go of the Jay Leno-shaped albatross they've been carrying around their neck and hand over The Tonight Show baton to young whippersnapper Jimmy Fallon. Fallon came to the 12:30 a.m. show an awkward former SNL-er whose movie career fizzled out (never forget: Taxi) best known for breaking character in sketches—and look at him now! He's the Johnny Carson of his generation! Point is, Fallon won a lot of skeptical people over (ourselves included), and he has no obvious successor (sorry Carson Daly). Below is our completely serious list of serious candidates who all deserve a chance to shine.

Julie Klausner: She's wonderful, she's great at interviewing (just listen to her podcast, How Was Your Week), everyone should love her, she already has the job in our hearts.

Aziz Ansari: His insights into Game Of Thrones proves he's ready to ask the tough questions.

A Cat: If the internet has proven anything, it's that we should just hand all media over to the cats. Bonus points if it's a Bodega Cat.

Chris Gethard: He's a fantastic interviewer, and there's already an online petition in his favor, which must make him a frontrunner, right?

Pat Kiernan: With NY1's entire brand hanging precariously in the balance, it's about time Gothamist's favorite local news anchor brought a little charm to late night TV.

Louis C.K.: Louis C.K. should host everything. The end.

Garry Shandling: The guy based much of his career on being a fake late night talk show host (give or take an Iron Man 2 cameo). Unless he's too busy boxing or whatever. Bonus points if he does it in character as Larry Sanders.

Jeffrey Tambor: There are only so many times that Arrested Development will be brought back from the dead. It's about time Hank Kingsley was promoted to Applesauce-In-Chief.

Mark McGrath: At first glance, you may think this is just another joke candidate. But THINK about it...he could recruit Matchbox 20 as his house band.

Liam Neeson: One of the worst interviewees would make for a suitably awkward host. And he loves jokes about AIDS!

Kate Upton: If we make a YouTube asking her to be our late night host, maybe she could fit it into her schedule.

Questlove: Promote from within! Everyone already loves Questlove, and the novelty of a drum-playing-host who can give himself instant rimshots makes him a lock.

Jon Ham's Ham: Let the caged ham sing. Sure it would be unusual, but it could pull in the female viewership in droves.

Buzzfeed: Here are 14 ways that Buzzfeed could restore your faith in Late Night hosts (LOL, nope, it's a link to a post about Amanda Bynes).

Amy Poehler: Amy Poehler should host everything. The end.

Psy/Bronx Zoo Cobra Twitter/Whatever Viral Video Is Hot That Week: When it comes down to it, who actually stays up to watch people in suits make wooden monologue jokes about Lindsay Lohan at 12:30 a.m. anymore? NBC needs the ratings—ride the zeitgeist.

Rex Ryan: He's charismatic, he's got funny tattoos, he's a sexy snack monster...and he's gonna be out of a job soon anyway, amirite?

The cast of Spring Breakers: Oh sure, the movie will have receded into the crevices of our memory by the time any actual successor is chosen. But between the neon bikinis and James Franco's grill, this is a no-brainer.

Ant-Man: With a major motion picture coming out in 2015, Hank Pym can use all the help he can get turning himself into a household name, especially once it comes to light that he's a wife-abuser with the power of those Honey I Shrunk The Kids kids. Then again, if he brings Edgar Wright along as his sidekick, all is forgiven.

Conan O'Brien: What's that guy been up to, anyway?