All the eggnog has been drunk, all the presents have been ripped open, and your Uncle Mort is on his way back to Idaho: Christmas is really truly over, and it'll never be back (for another 364 days). But here's one more chance to soak up that holiday spirit before we close the door on 2012: below, watch the ten best animal Christmas videos of the season, and let the cute tryptophan invade your soul.

First up: let's get into things by playing a jingle:

If we are understanding this video correctly, in Japan, Santa is a dog who skateboards:

Riley the Dachshund can't wait to open his present:

Maru got a very perplexing present this year:

Oh the overly energetic joy of a puppy's first Christmas:

And now, a Christmas turtle and his brother—a cat in a really ill-fitting costume:

Grumpy Cat, unsurprisingly, is grumpy even on Christmas:

Gino the dog gets a lovely Xmas card... then proceeds to eat it, to the delight of its young owner:

We'd wager that no dogs in the world were more excited than these guys:

And finally, the most mellow Christmas cats: