With the Tony nominations announced yesterday, everyone is buzzing about Wicked (this year's uneven and "quirky" Tony story; will Kristen and Idina cancel each other out?), Bombay Dreams (a little Andrew Lloyd Webber Schadenfreude), how Puffy wasn't nominated but the three other actresses all were (when you get "meh" reviews, what does he expect - this isn't the MTV Video Music Awards) and how hunky Hugh Jackman is...and they talk about how the Times's public editor, Daniel Okrent, is totally off his rocker. Okrent wrote an article about how the Tonys are "artistically meaningless, blatantly commercial, shamefully exclusionary and culturally corrosive award competition," proving that Okrent has lived in a plastic bubble his whole life, having never been subject to any awards show of any kind. Really, his argument is that the Times will give the Tonys more coverage, than, say, the Golden Globes, and that's not a good deal for readers. Gothamist can sort of see Okrent's point, but we feel if the Times is non-NYC's glimpse into NYC, and if the Tonys can bring attention to theater overall, then it's cool if the Times wants to over-cover the gayest night of the year. Gothamist looks forward to seeing Hugh Jackman host the Tony Awards ceremony again, on June 6.

Avenue Q's Trekkie Monster

Superfluities has a point about the Broadway versus Off-Broadway schism, but the Variety article points out that Off-Broadway doesn't want anything to do with Broadway and vice versus because of unions (not getting into the psychological desire of theater folk "making it" on Broadway). For the record, Gothamist's favorite in the Tony race is Avenue Q. Puppets in the big city, puppets who like Internet porn, Gary Coleman as a landlord, Bad News Bears... that's why Broadway was created! Gothamist on Avenue Q. But there are tons of great plays and musical out there - both on Broadway and off. Check out theater information from TKTS (for half-price Broadway shows) and Off Broadway Online.