So there is a Thunderbirds movie being filmed. But it's live-action, not marionette-style the way the original Thunderbirds was. Enter our favorite provocateurs, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, creators of South Park. Variety announced that Scott Rudin will be producing the Stone-Parker take on marionette-driven filmmaking with "Team America." Stone says, "I hate all these new Hollywood films that are CGI-driven. Trey and I loved that 'Thunderbirds' series because of the artistry of the marionettes. It's amazing that a studio would make a movie out of it and take out the only thing that was good about the series."

"Team America" will be an R-rated comedy, a send up of the "increasingly brainless action" genre (Stone and Parker are talking to you, Jerry Bruckheimer). Gothamist cannot wait.

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