Photo courtesy of the Tenement Museum

Did you know that you can't take photos inside the Tenement Museum? They have a strict "no photo" policy, but they'll be lifting it for one night only: December 5th.

At an event called Snapshot, participants will be allowed to enter the museum at 6:30 p.m. (update: another session has been added for 8 p.m.), getting free reign on each floor, allowing all inside to document the Museum’s re-created homes and historic German beer saloon.

There aren't too many tickets being sold for this, and they just went on sale ($30 each, which includes free snacks)—so buy yours now. And if you're wondering why the Museum doesn't normally allow photography, we were told:

"The reason why we don’t allow photography in the building is because it distracts from the visitor experience at The Tenement Museum where we are trying to facilitate an interactive experience with our visitors. It really is what makes us unique. All the tours we offer are led by an educator."