After shuffling from a miserably hot and stuffy subway platform and onto a thankfully air-conditioned subway car, we noticed these ads warning straphangers that we were entering "The B.O. Zone." No kidding—this third heat wave stinks! The ads, which are for Gillette's body wash and anti-perspirant, tap into most everyone's pet peeve of B.O. in crowded public transit spaces. When we spoke to Greg Biddinger, Brand Manager for North America Gillette Personal Care, he confirmed that the ads were "definitely consumer-inspired... Inevitably every time we talk to consumers about places where they notice BO, public transportation is the first thing that comes to mind." Time for the Smell Gestapo?

Biddinger says the campaign, created by BBDO, has been especially well-received, "One consumer wished that she could 'point to the sign and hand out a sample to offenders on her train'!" And he shared a "B.O. Zone" story of his own: "I remember a time a couple of years ago.  I was in NYC for the US Open and got on the #7 to head out to the Tennis Center.  It was one of those miserable end-of-summer days when it’s 90 and humid.  I got on the train and was immediately knocked back by BO so intense I was surprised I couldn’t see it.  I decided to jump off the train and wait for the next one rather than risk choking to death!"

The ads are currently running in New York, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington DC. One D.C.-area fan of the ads (who also happens to love Robert Pattinson, too) would love for Gillette to put more up!