With a rapturous review from the NY Times's Ben Brantley, the Lincoln Center Festival's Summer Festival: A Mirror of Osaka, might be what New Yorkers are running to this summer. The play runs through this Sunday, and if you can't go, perhaps a visit to Lincoln Center is in order, as they have recreated a shibaigoya, or a Kabuki theater, in Damrosch Park. The Newsday review notes that it has paper lanterns, a raised walkway, and bench seating - all air-conditioned.

Brantley calls A Mirror of Osaka "rock 'em, sock 'em theater that keeps the adrenaline pumping." Plus, it's just awesome to see the painted faces. And more about what kabuki is and a book about kabuki. Check out some sushi via Sushi NYC and NYC Sushi Finder. And Gothamist visited the Lincoln Center Festival last year with a trip on the Angel Project.