I bet you all have a good subway story in you. Actually, if you only had one that would be disappointing and we'd say you need to get your upscale ass out of that cab and ride the rails more.

So what's your story? Is it about the time that cute guy sat across from you with his nose buried in the Corrections and later that day you wrote a Missed Connection for him, he contacted you and now you're engaged and planning your subway wedding? Or how about your first time, first times are always nerve-racking...are you going uptown? Downtown? When do you get off? Or how about the time you didn't mind the gap? If you don't step onto the subway with a story, you're sure to step off it with one.

Well, get writing so you can submit your story! In the meantime take the F to Bergen and catch A Subway Chronicles reading tonight @ 7:00 p.m. @ Freebird Books (123 Columbia Street (between Degraw/Kane), Brooklyn)

Reading tonight are Ellia Bisker, Megan Lyles, Dan Parseliti, Ken Wheaton

And don't forget to submit your subway story & read the diaries

Helpful link: Subway Map